Lynda Abshoff

Brain injury survivors meet on a regular basis to create hand-made cards that are sold to businesses and the general public. Proceeds from this project help to expand our programs and sponsor attendees at Camp Dawn, a yearly retreat for brain injured survivors in Ontario.

Lisa Beatty

Wooden signs, vinyl crafts, coasters and paper crafts.

Bernadette Celi

Recycled sweater mittens, lined with fleece. Knitted toques, ponytail hats, and headbands. Crocheted scrubbies, and jar openers.

Catherine Dietz

Norwex microfiber products have the ability to remove bacteria from a surface with only water. Many products will be available for purchase including the very popular Enviro cloth and Window cloth. I have been a consultant for over 7 years and I love the product because it is safe, easy to use and very effective.

Val Doyle

This piece is a leather wrapped genuine gemstone bracelet. It has a silver flower button and completely adjustable. Fun to wear. Stunning!

Shawna Gingrich

Crochet accessories for children and adults. Beautiful wooden accessories and shelves for your child’s room.

Joni Hartwick

High end D.I.Y. Decor. Create your own beautiful decor and furniture to personalize your home. Chalk is washable and allows you to change with the seasons.

Marisa King

Locally made decor with custom options available, mugs, wine glasses,
farmhouse signs and various home decor.

Deborah Martin

Handmade pillows, one of a kind accent cushions, quilted potholders, key fob wristlets, lavender sachets.

Melissa Medina

Pure Therapeutic Grade Level Essential Oils, Diffusers, Roller Bottle Remedies for Ailments like headaches, sleep and colds/flu.

Juliee Orfanidis

Neurotechnology in the form of socks and insoles. Increase strength, balance and stability.

Heather Pelton

Seasonal hand painted decorative wood crafts. yard signs, door hangings, ornaments and other painted items.

Stephanie Reidel

SweetLegs is the first Canadian leggings company to have our own IN-HOUSE DESIGNED Signature Line! We have 4 adult sizes to fit most, because we know that beauty comes is ALL sizes: Our motto is Self Confidence is the best outfit, Rock it & Own it! And we truly believe that!! We also have kid’s leggings and accessories! You only ever regret the SweetLegs you didn’t buy!

Patty Rempel

Christmas earrings, Heat Bags, stuffy heaters, 100’s of Charms, and much more.

Melanie Schaffer

Stained glass decorations, fused dishes, jewelry and ornaments. Melanie also creates custom windows and door inserts.

Robin Schatz

Just What I Beaded is a happy outlet of mine where I create one of a kind gift ideas from beads and yarn.

Ann Scheickoff – Living Books

Fiction, Non Fiction, Bibles, Devotionals, T-shirts, Boxed Cards, CDs, and more for the Whole Family of God.

Pat & Karen Shoemaker

We design customized signs as well as pieces of wall art, fire pit rings and smaller objects. We cut pieces from metal, wood, stone, or plastic, though at this point, most of our work has been with steel and aluminum.

Susan Sieunarine

Quick and easy meal solutions, seasonings, spices, gluten free, sodium and sugar conscious food products. Helping busy families eat better!

Christine Stewart

We create rustic wooden signs and wood home decor items.

Taryn Sweet

Gourmet, elegantly decorated sugar cookies, and warm accessories (hats, mitts, wristies, etc) to help raise money for Ray of Hope’s “Out of the Cold” event.

Isabella Wideman

All natural, hand poured soy wax candles. These candles are scented beautifully to add ambience to any room. With a variety of fragrances offered (using fragrance oils and essential oils) there is something to make every occasion perfect.

Pauline Wilson

All kinds of knitted or crochet animals for big and small kids, Delicate crochet angels and ornaments for your tree.

Lorna Hall Taggart

Hand painted stones made into story stones, games and necklaces.